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Thanks for helping translate!

A wiki for the wonder short film, Caine's Arcade

Check out the media coverage of Caine's Arcade!

Please help translate the film to different languages!Edit

The Film:

Film Language Translation List (as of 4/17/12)

Step 1. Transcribe the film to English and post here. (Complete- click the link for a complete English language transcription of the film.)

Step 2. Start a new page for your language translation.

Step 3. Save your translation page with your updates

Step 4. Spell check translation.

Step 5. The Caine's Arcade Team will take the #TeamCaine Translations, and create + upload official versions of the film in multiple languages, so that kids around the world can be inspired by Caine Monroy.

About the film:Edit

9 year-old Caine built an elaborate arcade out of cardboard boxes (located in his dad's used auto parts store). Unfortunately, Caine had no customers. Then one day, the internet organized a surprise to make his day.

A DIY Cardboard Arcade made by a 9-year-old boy in his dad's used auto parts store.

"Caine's Arcade" short film (coming soon) Directed by Nirvan: Produced by Interconnected:

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