Examples of media coverage of Caine's Arcade can be found hereEdit

4/9/12 Web, Boing Boing: Caine's Arcade gets flashmobbed

4/10/12 Web, CBS News: Boy creates arcade out of cardboard, becomes a viral hit

4/10/12 Web, Wired: Flash Mob Brings Fame to Kid's Homemade Arcade

4/10/12 Web, CNET: Awesome 9-year-old's cardboard arcade gets flashmobbed

4/10/2012 Web, MSNBC: Meet 9-year-old Caine and his cardboard arcade

4/11/12 Caine's Arcade: 9-Year-Old Boy Builds His Own Cardboard Arcade (VIDEO)

4/11/12 Web, CNBC: Caine's Arcade: Sweat, ingenuity, and... boxes

4/11/12 Television, Good Morning America: Flashmob hits boy's homemade arcade

4/11/12 Print, LA Times: Boy creates cardboard wonder, grown men cry,0,7270609.story

4/11/12 Radio, National Public Radio: Film about boy's cardboard arcade goes viral

4/11/12 Television, NBC: Caine's Arcade goes viral

4/11/12 Web, International Business Times: Caine's Arcade un video que estallo en Internet como polvora

4/11/12 Web (blog), Washington Post: 'Caine's Arcade': Nine-year-old boy's cardboard game center is a viral hit

4/11/12 Web, Telegraph: Caine's Arcade: Nine-year-old boy builds his own games arcade out of cardboard

4/12/12, Web, The Christian Science Monitor: 'Caine's Arcade': sweet film starring pint-sized entrpreneur goes viral

4/12/12 Television, ABC News: Caine's Arcade Video Inspires

4/12/12 Print, The Globe And Mail, (Canada): Caine's Cardboard Arcade goes viral

4/12/12 Web, Businessweek: What We Can Learn From a Young Boy's Cardboard Arcade

4/12/12 Web, National Post: Caine's Arcade video about inventive L.A. boy raises $100,000 for scholarship fund

4/12/12 Web, E!Online: Caine's Arcade Raises Enough Money to Send Caine Monroy to College... and Then Some

4/12/12 Web, LA Times: Caine's Arcade: After viral video, boy has $100k toward his future

4/12/12 Web, PCMag: College Fund for 9-Year-Old Arcade Whiz Tops $100,000,2817,2402936,00.asp

4/12/12 Web, Huffington Post: Adorable Short Film 'Caine's Arcade' Shows The World How to Have Fun With Cardboard Boxes and Sellotape

4/13/12 Web, Adweek: LA Adman brings Caine's Arcade to the world

4/13/12 Web, Games.Yahoo.Com/Plugged In: Boy behind Caine's Arcade adjusts to sudden fame

4/13/12 Print, The LA Times: This is a serious business for 9-year-old Caine Monroy,0,7958040.story

4/13/12 Web, The Christian Science Monitor: Why 'Caine's Arcade' Moves Grown Men to Tears (+Video)

4/13/12 Web, FastCompany: If You Want To Get Creative, Take A Page From Caine's Arcade

4/13/12 Web, MediaPost: The Caine Effect Inspires -- Well, Everybody

4/13/12 Web (blog), Wall Street Journal: Caine Monroy: An Appreciation

4/14/12 Television, KABC: Caine's Arcade boy gets $152K college fund check

4/16/12 Web, LA Times: Caine's Arcade: This is serious business for 9-year-old Caine Monroy

4/16/12 Web, 8-bit Dad: Fun Pass & Fun Times

4/16/12 Web, Christian Science Monitor: How Caine's Arcade Raised $164,000 for a boy from East LA

4/16/12 Web, Forbes Online: Nine Hidden Factors of Caine's Arcade Success

4/16/12 Web, Forbes Online: Three Economic Lessons of Caine's Arcade

4/16/12 Web, Huffington Post: Caine Monroy, of Caine's Arcade, Receives $152K Check for College & His Foundation

4/16/12 Web, New York Times: This Week in Small Business: Raising Caine

4/16/12 Web, SFGate: School kids respond to Caine's cardboard arcade

4/16/12 Web, Print. La Presse Newspaper, Montréal, Canada. 165 000 $ en une semaine avec une vidéo sur YouTube

4/18/12 Web, New York Times, A Boy's Fast Fame, Built of Cardboard and Tape

4/18/12 Web, Huffington Post: Adults Just Want to Play

4/19/12 Web, Digital Journal: Caine's Arcade: 9-year-old's entrepreneurial dream comes alive

4/19/12 Web, LA Weekly: 'Caine's Arcade' Star Visits NASA Scientist Who Built Cardboard Rockets When He Was a Kid

4/19/12 Web, ReadWriteWeb: How a 9-Year-Old Boy Became the Latest Internet Meme

4/20/12 Web, Los Angeles Times: Caine's Arcade: Cardboard magnate now a collected artist,0,636942.story?track=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+latimes%2Fmostviewed+(L.A.+Times+-+Most+Viewed+Stories)

4/20/12 Web, New York Times: The Genius of Unstructured Summer Time

4/20/12 Web, Huffington Post: Caine's Arcade, Heartwarming Viral Video Sensation, Comes to San Francisco's Exploratorium

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4/22/12 Television, CBS SF Local: Young Star of Viral Web Video Visits San Francisco

4/22/12 Web, Voice of America: 'Caine's Arcade' Video Brings Fame to Creative Boy

4/22/12 Television, Fox News: Inspirational Story: Nine-Year-Old's Entrepreneurial Creativity Goes Viral in "Caine's Arcade"

4/23/12 Web, Business Insider: How This Little Kid Became The Hottest Entrepreneur In America

4/24/12 Web, The New Yorker: The Perfect Moment Goes Perfectly Viral

4/26/12 Web, The Daily Trojan: Young Local Business Owner Caine Monroy Shares Story with Marshall Class

4/30/12 Television, KTLA: Viral Video Brings Fame to Boy and His Cardboard Arcade,0,6848024.story

5/6/12 Web, San Francisco Chronicle: Informal Learning an Alternative Path to Success

5/10/12 Television, BBC: Nine-year-old builds cardboard games arcade in Los Angeles

5/11/12 Web, LA Weekly: UCLA Game Art Festival Features Caine's Arcade Made By A 9-Year-Old, and More

5/12/12 Web, Huffington Post: Jack Black's Kids Inspired By Caine's Arcade

5/15/12 Television, MSNBC: Cardboard Arcade Changes Kid's Life

5/15/12 Web, ManiaRavings: "Caine's Arcade"

5/16/12 Television, MSNCB: "I'm Proud I Have My Own Arcade"

5/16/12 Web, Causes: "Nirvan Mullick of Caine's Arcade Shares Best Practices for Campaign Success"

5/16/12 Web, Ginitabella: "Caine's Arcade"(UniqueLA)

5/22/12 Web, Forbes: "Caine's Arcade: The Ultimate in Advocacy"

5/29/12 Web (Blog), CNN: "Dreams Built Inside Boy's Cardboard Arcade"

6/7/12 Web, Forbes: "Intrepid 9-Year-Old Behind 'Caine's Arcade' Inspired A Film, A Foundation, And, Now A Curriculum"

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6/21/12 Web, Wired: "Wired Catches Up With Caine's Arcade"

6/23/12 Video, ABC: "Eat, shop, play. all 'Made in LA' products."

6/27/12 Video, NBC: "Caine's Cardboard Arcade Exceeds Expectations"

6/27/12 Web, BoingBoing: "Ticket Grab: New Game at Caine's Arcade + 5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs"

6/27/12 Web, MSNBC: "Caine's Arcade 'Hasn't Stopped Playing'"

9/14/12 Web, Wired: "Take Caine's Cardboard Challenge"

9/14/12 Web, BoingBoing: "Caine's Arcade 2: The Global Cardboard Challenge"

9/14/12 Web, LAist: "Video: Caine's Arcade Celebrates Anniversay of Epic Flash Mob"

09/20/2012 Web, Tonic: “Caine’s Arcade Inspires Worldwide Cardboard Creativity”

09/17/2012 Web, Ad Week: Caine's Arcade, Part 2: Turning One Child's Passion Into a Global Movement Foundation celebrates kids' creativity

09/21/2012 Web, Hispanically Speaking: Caine’s Arcade, Imagination Foundation Present the Global Cardboard Challenge

09/14/2012 Web, Boing Boing: Caine's Arcade 2: The Global Cardboard Challenge & Imagination Foundation

09/17/2012 Web, LA Mag: A Second Super Inspiring Update On Caine’s Arcade

09/13/2012 Web, Gizmodo: Caine’s Arcade 2: That Awesome Kid’s Arcade Gets a Sequel

09/18/2012 Web, HLN TV: Caine's Arcade 2: The happiest sequel ever!

09/17/2012 Web, The Verge: ‘Caine’s Arcade 2 Is Back to Tug At Your Heartstrings’

09/17/2012 Web, Gamma Squad: Caine’s Arcade 2 – Kid and his cardboard arcade are still awesome

09/20/2012 Web, ArtVoice: The Morning Grumpy

09/14/2012 Web, Game Trailers: Caine’s Arcade Inspires a ‘Global Cardboard Challenge’

09/18/2012 Web, CBS Los Angeles: Caine’s Arcade to Launch ‘Global Cardboard Challenge’

09/17/2012 Web, MPR News: The Cardboard Challenge

09/25/2012 Web, The Caldwell Patch: Caldwell Kid Creates Cardboard Arcade – Everyone invited to play at Jake’s arcade, raise funds for the Imagination Foundation.

09/18/2012 Web, CBS News: Follow-ip to the boy who created an arcade out of cardboard

09/17/2012 Web, Kotaku: That One Kid’s Adorable Cardboard Arcade Has Inspired A Global Cardboard Arcade Nonprofit

09/25/2012 Web, Market Watch/The Wall Street Journal: The Goddard School Celebrates the Power of Play with Nationwide Block Party

09/20/2012 Web, Caine’s Arcade Inspires Local Boy to Build One: He Hopes Someone Will Come